Putting off updates? Here are five reasons to update today

Fresh Website = Happy Customers
Have you ever searched for information online only to find outdated content? Now imagine the flip side, only someone is searching for you.

Google Loves Updates
Does your website footer still read “© 2015”? It could be hurting your rankings. Search engines give higher preference to websites with frequently updated content.

Avoid Getting Hacked
If your website is built using WordPress, maintaining updates is critical to avoid hackers. Ask me about installing a plugin that makes updates automatic.

Don’t Forget Mobile Users
Up to 50% of website traffic can be coming from mobile users—make sure your website gives them what they want.

Social Media Counts, Too
More and more people are using social media for information, so all of your channels must be coordinated. This includes updating contact information, hours, branding and copy.

Jon Hebert - Owner / Designer

About Jon Hébert

Every day I help musicians, influencers, entrepreneurs, artists, businesses & other design agencies with their branding, websites, creative writing & more. I have tons of creative experience and I love to put that experience to work for my clients. Located in beautiful Bayou St. John in New Orleans, Louisiana, I work with clients locally and as far away as San Francisco and Australia.

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