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Top quality, original content is the new norm in modern marketing, and correct grammar and spelling are paramount to making your original content shine.

Yesterday I searched online for help with configuring a client’s website. I clicked the first link. The website looked legitimate, but the introductory paragraph had a glaring typo that made me close the site and move on.

Spelling is technically the easy part—you simply employ a dictionary, run spellcheck, double check your spelling again in case spellcheck missed something, then ask a colleague to do the same. Give the piece another thorough reading, leave an offering to the typo gods, and send your post into the digital ether.

But the other details that make your writing stand out are the use of correct grammar, sentence structure and composition. That and checking a fourth time for typos.

If your writing needs help on this front, “The Elements of Style” is an informative and entertaining read. Originally published in 1920, now with several updated editions, this book is a must have on the bookshelf of any content writer.

You’ll learn the proper use of apostrophes, parentheses, colons and dashes. You’ll learn the elementary principles of composition, when to omit needless words, and how to be direct enough in your writing to appease even the shortest attention span.

Other valuable information includes:

  • Using the active voice
  • How to write naturally
  • The importance of revising and rewriting
  • Avoiding fancy words
  • Commonly misused words and expressions

Not only is “The Elements of Style” informative—the book is also a joy to read. It shows you what well-written verse looks like, as the authors consistently apply their own rules, both informing and entertaining the reader.

I just hope I left the appropriate gifts to the typo gods before I posted this artical… Hey, where are you going???

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