For New Orleans resident Justine Diamond’s natural perfume line Elspeth’s Airs, it was important that her brand capture both the spirit of her ancestor Elspeth McEwan, who inspired the line, and the element of air.

From Justine: “Elspeth McEwan was the last woman executed as a witch in Southern Scotland in 1698. She was an educated and innovative woman of the village who healed with herbs and had a way with animals. As a descendant of Elspeth, I created this line of natural perfumes and aromatherapy tools to honor her legacy and the wisdom that plants offer about the fullness and complexity of living beings.”

The Logo

For the logo, New York artist Dana Goyer brought to life Justine’s vision of cattail blooms dancing in the breeze. I paired Dana’s watercolor with an elegant serif font that hearkens back to a simpler time.

The Bottle Design

Next I designed the perfume bottles. We used the labels of old apothecary bottles for inspiration, and came up with a filigree design that is art nouveau but clean and easy to read, especially at small sizes. The label’s neutral color scheme is easy on the eye and emphasizes the cattail artwork.

The next challenge was to differentiate the three scents in Justine’s perfume line. She wrote taglines unique to each bottle (Remember that you know, Remember that you are sacred, Remember that you are sensual), and we presented each tagline and perfume name in a brighter color that compliments the label design.

The Photo Shoot

The next step was to go to nature for the product photos. Our neighbor has a goldfish pond in her back yard (thanks Linda!), so we set up a photo shoot there using a consumer-level digital camera, and by paying attention to scene selection and lighting we got four pictures (out of 100) that we now use across her branding.

The logo and filigree became Elpeth’s mark, and I used it on the business cards, pairing the front with a hero shot from the photo shoot on the back. Justine printed them at, using their Original Business Card selection ($20 for fifty nice, thick cards with a matte finish).

The Online Presence

The website was a true collaboration, with Justine writing copy and me handling design. I set up an easy-to-navigate responsive (mobile friendly) WordPress theme, using WooCommerce as a cart system to display the products. I added a photo of Justine in the Charco Del Ingenio botanical gardens near San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, and the site was done.

Finally, I carried the branding over to her Facebook and Etsy pages. This month we are designing an in-store display for her perfumes, which are available at Maypop Community Herb Shop in the Marigny.

All of the hard work paid off—Justine sold out of her first batch of perfumes within months.

We think Elspeth is pleased.

Project Details:

  • Custom Illustration
  • Logo & Branding
  • Business Card
  • Perfume Bottle Labels
  • Mobile Friendly Website
  • Social Media Branding

More information:

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