Your email list is still one of your most important marketing assets. Why? Since everyone on your list has asked to receive information from you, delivery is guaranteed. Other marketing avenues—social media, online ads & SEO—depend on the right person seeing your message at the right time. This doesn’t always happen.

How do I start?

I use MailChimp for all of my clients. MailChimp is free (no monthly fees) and easy to use. If you need help, I can perform the set-up for you, which includes template design, importing your current list, and a training session on using the software. I can also help with creating & sending email campaigns.

How do I grow my list?

There are several ways to grow your list:

  • Website sign up form – Customers are added to your list automatically.
  • In person – When hosting an event or performance, always bring a pen and paper to collect email addresses. Then add new subscribers manually to MailChimp later.
  • Add your existing contacts – If you’ve collected emails but never put them to use, import these contacts using a spreadsheet or by adding them manually.
Jon Hebert - Owner / Designer

About Jon Hébert

Every day I help musicians, influencers, entrepreneurs, artists, businesses & other design agencies with their branding, websites, creative writing & more. I have tons of creative experience and I love to put that experience to work for my clients. Located in beautiful Bayou St. John in New Orleans, Louisiana, I work with clients locally and as far away as San Francisco and Australia.

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