Media decks, slide decks, pitch decks, media kits, EPKs… No matter what you call it, this vital marketing tool is becoming popular among businesses, corporations, entertainers, influencers, musicians and entrepreneurs. Many of my clients have been asking for this product lately, so I thought I would write about them and share why they are such an effective marketing tool.

At its basic level, a media deck is multi-page PDF with a file size small enough to share by email. Information-wise, an effective media deck contains the essential components, but not every part, of your marketing material. You could think of the media deck as a movie trailer for your website. If you don’t have a website (which begs the question, why don’t you have a website??), it can act as a digital, shareable brochure.

The major benefit of the media deck is its shareability by today’s most important marketing tool: email. When you share a media deck by email, it comes in as an attachment that the user simply clicks to open, then scrolls through for information. It uses fewer steps than navigating a multi-page website and isn’t as cumbersome as opening a Powerpoint presentation or a Word document, especially on a phone. Your customer doesn’t wait for a website to load and experiences zero device compatibility issues. It’s your information, delivered efficiently to everyone on any device, guaranteed.

As an example, here is a link to the media deck for Jon Hebert Creative. You’ll see it is a pared down version of my website, showcasing my portfolio and professional experience. With ease of use and minimal setup time, your media deck can be a powerful tool to help market your business online.

Click to open my media deck.

Call or email me to talk about how we can create an effective, beautifully designed media kit for your business or creative project.

Jon Hebert - Owner / Designer

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