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If you are like everyone else, you are using your phone daily to search and find businesses that fit your needs. If you are not like everyone else, then kudos to you. You are probably not tethered to your phone like the rest of us automatons.

As you navigate the web on your phone or tablet, you might begin to realize that the experience is different on some websites than others. Some sites are easier to navigate, the pages load faster, and you might not see the same elements as their desktop companions. We in the web world refer to these sites as “mobile friendly” or “responsive,” which simply means they were built with the phone and tablet experience in mind.

Let’s try an exercise: Using my own website, www.nola-creative.com, as an example, pull it up on your phone, then on your desktop computer. I formatted the mobile version with phone users in mind. The pages load fast, the homepage is easy to navigate, and the main navigation is tucked away but ready when needed.

Now do the same with your website, and ask yourself if it could benefit from this same type of treatment?

Since up to 60% of searches are happening on the phone or tablet, it is vital that your visitors have a great experience on these devices for a few reasons. Most importantly, Google announced last year that it would give search result priority to mobile friendly websites. Plus having an easy to navigate mobile site makes for a better impression on your visitors, especially if this is their first introduction to your business.

Most modern websites are at least responsive, which means they will format themselves for mobile. These sites simply resize for mobile and can always use a few strategic tweaks to make a better user experience.

If your website looks like a desktop site on your phone, then you have two options. The low-cost option is to create a stripped-down mobile-only version of your website. The other is to build a new website from scratch that is responsive, then do the work of optimizing it for the phone.

Making your website mobile friendly is not a daunting task—I can usually handle this type of work in one business day for a relatively low cost. Contact me for more information and a complimentary review of your website.

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